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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  April 5, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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now abc2 news at 5:30. tonight we bring you maryland's cold case at 5:30. a baltimore man shot dead as he walked home from a store. now police need your help. they are helping you can help track down the man's attacker. plus eight bodies turn up along -- around long island, new york. why police believe there's a serial killer on the loose. and cirque du soleil brings its magnificent act to baltimore. we are behind the scenes talking to twin performers about their dreams of joining the circus, when and where you can catch that spectacular event coming up in a few. hot summer nights in baltimore often mean hot terms. when the smallest thing can really set somebody off. that's exactly what happened last june. durell cartwright ran to the convenience store and when another customer bumped into him at the door, that led to his murder. here's abc2 news' roosevelt leftwich with that story.
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>> reporter: on a hot summer anaheim, durell cartwright ran to the store to pick up something for his grandmother. >> he had walked to a store a few blogs from his home -- blocks from his home. >> reporter: the eagle mart, in surveillance video just released by police you can see durell arrive at the store. he's holding up the door talking on the cell phone when the killer and his friends come in. >> the killer himself is the young man wearing the black t- shirt with the white lettering on the front of the t-shirt. you'll notice as mr. cartwright enters the building, you'll notice that the killer walks in and they appear to have sort of an initial confrontation. >> reporter: after several minutes of arguing, durell finally leaves the store and starts walking back home. he only gets a few blocks before the killer catches up with him, pulls out a gun and kills him. >> it appears that the motive is as simple as he irritated him in the doorway of the store and that led to that simple confrontation led to a homicide. >> reporter: it's been nine months and so far no one has come forward to identify the
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man in the video. police say they have done everything that they can, going door to door, posting fliers, talking to neighbors. when only silence answered back durell's case went cold. >> it's frustrating because no matter how good the evidence we might collect is we still need cooperation from people in the community. without any cooperation, we can't solve these cases. >> reporter: detective ellsworth now hopes someone will see this story and finally come forward with the information he so desperately needs. >> we want to do everything we possibly can to bring, you know, resolution and closure to the family. >> reporter: in southeast baltimore, roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >> if you have any information about the murder, please give detective ellsworth a call. now, if you'd rather submit an anonymous tip, you can call metro crimestoppers, that number is 1866-seven lockup and you can text your tip to crimes or submit it online through
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metro and our series maryland cold cases continues tonight with an all new case. sometimes it doesn't take long for a case to go cold. nancy schmidt, a long time remington resident was murdered three years ago this month. now the community and the people who love nancy are getting together to help breed some life back into this cold case. >> you feel so helpless. you know, you can't do anything for nancy. you can't change what happened to her, can't turn back the clock. >> josie stirman has that story tonight right here. taking a look at the roads. 695 and liberty road, traffic moving and slowly and it's a lot better commute home today than it was this morning. meteorologist wyatt everhart joins us now. i was going to call you rosy. wyatt. >> no problem, kelly. i don't mind. take a look, we've had
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significant, obviously very active weather early this morning as a cold front pushed its way into the state and got rid of that gorgeous, warm weather we had for the season opener downtown yesterday. satellite radar trend very active this morning, clearing out through the middle part of the day. we still got clouds in the area. i don't expect to see the skies really clear off in a big way tonight and there are wildly scattered showers and snow showers even out toward western pennsylvania and back in through the central part of ohio. so there is some weather, no question about that. but it's well west of us and maryland's most powerful radar now all clear locally. that's good. temperatures continuing to fall off through the 40s. it's going to be one chilly evening out there to dress warm as you head out and about but i think you'll be drive for the most part -- dry for the most part. outlook coming up. now let's take a look at tonight's top stories. tragedy strikes a local family after their daughter was killed in a boating accident in australia. cameron o'neill mullin a 10th
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grader was there on a student exchange program. she was riding on an inflatable tube being towed by a speedboat whether the boat turned and the inflatable flue into a -- flew into a tree. she was killed. most after-school events at that school have been cancelled today. more glitches for southwest airlines to ground two more of its jets. officials say they found quote some minor subsurface cracking. the airline said all 79 boeing 737-300 aircraft had been inspected. federal authorities have now ordered all 737s that have completed at least 30,000 fight cycles to also be inspected. and investigators in cecil county have tried to find the cause of the fire at a chicken farm last night. it started at 7:20 in cecilton. the fire destroyed three of the nine barn buildings and spread to a fourth building because of those high winds last night. firefighters say almost 300,000 chickens died in that fire.
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and now the latest on the radiation in japan. the government there has apologized for its decision to dump tons of highly radioactive water into the sea but says it was something that had to be done. more than 11,000 tons were pumped into the pacific ocean. the damaged nuclear plant, emergency workers say they can't store it on shore any longer. all the space is needed for more highly contaminated water. they are small but they are trying to make a big impact. a group of 3rd graders are giving up their field trip money to help families who need it in japan. >> i was sad. it was sad because we didn't know how i was able to provide. >> and those feelings are what led these 3rd graders at karina elementary school to donate more than $200 raised for their class trip. that amount was also matched by their teacher and a bank bringing the total donated to more than $700. hats off to those kids. now let's talk about the
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economy tonight. stanley black and decker is investing $12 million at its towson campus which will help save a lot of jobs. jamie costello joins us now with more on this. >> how about a big whss. we thought maybe condos were going up on that acre site in to you son but baltimore executive says the investment will transform the 33-acre towson campus into a world class headquarters for product development and also engineering. the towson campus houses the company's construction and do- it-yourself operations including research and development and prototyping. the investment will preserve 1100 permanent jobs right here in baltimore county. >> right here in towson we have a fortune 500 company that's going to be doing significant innovation in fields like reduced energy consumption, innovation that will secure their place in the cutting edge of technology for the 21st century and it's this kind, the same kind of innovation that made baltimore county the birth place of the dust buster.
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best of all this innovation will preserve 1100 full-time good paying permanent jobs here in baltimore county. >> how about that? you can tell he's a happy man here tonight. the $12 million will be invested in the campus over a five-year period. jamie costello, abc2 news. >> thanks a lot, jamie. a bizarre robbery leaves a doughnut shop worker with a sour taste in his mouth. how the suspect used soap as a weapon to try to get the combination to a store safe. and after days worth of disappointment better news tonight for southwest airlines. [ male announcer ] this year, get the most out of your lawn
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well, in tonight's consumer alert, even though southwest airlines has been making headlines the last few days for unsafe incidents, the low cost airline has still managed to crack the top five in the annual airline quality ratings. the impact of the recent situation on southwest's reputation really depends on how consumers react. >> it's an individual customer thing. loyalty is a strange thing to predict. >> among individual airlines, airtran took the number 1 spot, followed by hawaiian, jetblue, alaska and then southwest. amtrak is asking the government for a financial
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boost. the company applied for $1.3 billion in federal funding to help with some planned improvements. the plan is to create next general radiation -- generation high speed rails in the northeastern part of the u.s. amtrak officials say the project will benefit passengers headed north to new york from washington, d.c., maryland and delaware. coming up, eight bodies found recently in a long island area and authorities believe that a serial killer is to blame. we are going to have more on these shocking discoveries that are now sending shockwaves through a community. and incredible surface -- cirque du soleil has brought its act to the charm city. when you can see its show.
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if you are a circus fan who likes the high wire and acrobats and much more, you are
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in for a treat. cirque du soleil in town this month and we got chance to to get a behind the scenes look at the show. manny spent the day with some of the prosecutor formers -- some of the performers. >> reporter: as we kid we all dreamed about being an entertainer and traveling the world with a circus. they are living that dream. >> dreamed to be a clown in a circus so all the time we would go to circus, she always was in love with the clown and this is her dream but my dream comes later. >> reporter: the cirque du soleil show takes the audience on a tour of the evolution of man, from amphibian to first flight of man. the show takes you through different myths, symbols and legends and different environments of land through visual effects. >> incredible acrobats obviously, the costume, the
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music, the makeup, the whole acting on the stage and you won't expect what you're going to see. it is surprises after surprises and it keeps you on your toes and on the edge of your seat. >> reporter: there are 19 touring shows throughout the country with 52 performers and 18 different nationalities. the twins are called crystal ladies who are foot jugglers and this is their first time in america and they love being on tour. >> i love to travel. for the normal people, they come to understand how you can, you know, change the seat every month, change your house, you not miss your house, your friends, your parents, but each new city you meet new people, new friends, you feel lost, alone a lot and we enjoy it. american people, it's amazing audience, amazing audience. >> reporter: much better? >> much better. >> they enjoy it. >> they are so happy.
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it is amazing audience. >> they come to the circus to enjoy. they really happy. you can see this, feel this. >> reporter: in downtown baltimore, i'm manny locke. >> the show starts april 7th, this thursday and runs through the 24th and tickets are still available. might want to check that out. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> does look cool kelly. may have to check that out. >> yeah. >> 52 degrees out at att bwi. more than 30 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. gives you an idea of how wild the temperature can swing in the early part of april, an answer -- annapolis, murky, cloudy rainy. take you further south, laurel high school annex finding a murky day early on but, hey,
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the clouds part and we get a little bit of sunshine in here late in the day. maryland's most powerful radar all clear now. that sure was not the case earlier this morning, but we did clear things out pretty desent through the day. still windy, though, gusting around 30. that's a windy night and when you throw in temperatures in the upper 30s and -- upper 40s and low 50s, certainly feels cooler than it has been in -- has in a couple of days. wind chill factors on the cold side, feels like 44 in frederick, 45 in easton, 45 in d.c. how does that stack up compared to tomorrow? i think tomorrow a better looking day. still mostly cloudy, but i think we will see breaks of sun like we saw today, 63 at odenton, 60 or so and streaked. 58 or so over in aberdeen. so our satellite and radar trend still pretty active out there. yes, most of the rain has pushed offshore but we have got
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scattered showers, rain and snow showers to be specific from west virginia through garrett county back out through southwestern pennsylvania. the entire east coast right now still relatively active. i mean most of the showers and storms, again the heavy stuff all gone, they had snows earlier today up toward new york state. colder air continuing to funnel in with high pressure out of the west and this colder air is only going to linger for about 12 to 18 hours. midday tomorrow you're going to notice things getting milder again so it will be a short lived cold shot but it will make its presence felt tonight, no question about that. our futurecast continues to push the last showers out over the open atlantic waters. our futurecaster keeps us partly to mostly cloudy through the day tomorrow and then different models say different things about thursday, right now we are still optimistic that os game 3 on thursday evening will be generally dry, though we may get showers and storms in here late thursday night, hopefully that will be after game time. certainly game 2 tomorrow night looks good, though. overnight tonight, 35, partly
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cloudy, less windy. your wednesday, 62, mostly cloudy, there will be sun around at times and the possibility of just a stray shower tomorrow night, how about 43, mostly cloudy and generally dry, though. in your seven-day forecast, again, the outlook here is a little warmer thursday and right now again wednesday night and thursday nights both look relatively drive. you have to watch the overnight action thursday into friday and saturday and sunday right now coming up at a -- coming up, decent spring weekend. temperatures above 60 degrees. not too bad it looks like on saturday and sunday. >> we will take a look at this video right here. we have no reason to complain. >> no. >> take a look at a monster storm pounding georgia overnight. part of that massive system that left seven people dead in three states, six of them in georgia. this is video of some damage in gilmer county, that's north of atlanta. residents reported seeing a tornado, strong winds toppled trees and powerlines causing
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damage to cars, trucks as well as homes. and check this out, lightning in the night sky in quitman, georgia. the person who took this video says it was so intense it looks like camera flashes at a red carpet event. he also says many roads are blocked by downed wires and trees for -- now a developing story out of long island. another body has been found there. authorities believe a serial killer may be to blame. police say this brings the total to eight bodies found in the area since december. >> all the bodies are 25 feet or so off the road. the killer feels comfortable, he feels like he has the time and the bodies are secreted in such a fashion that people walking up and down the road are not going to see them. >> now, the latest bodies haven't been identified yet. however, police say there is a trail of potentially critical clues. police believe that the killer is targeting prostitutes.
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of the four women identified so far, all of them advertised on craigslist. and a bizarre robbery in san diego in an effort to get the combination to a safe, a robber forces an employee to drink liquid soap. all caught on video. a gunman enters a doughnut shot and -- shop and points a gun at an employee. he demanded money from the register and also the employee's wallet. then with a gun to the employee's head he forced the employee back to the safe and made him drink liquid soap in an effort to get the combination to the safe. once he was convinced the worker didn't know the combination, he left. police still searching for him tonight. coming up new at 6:00, a documentary that digs deep into the education system. tonight you get a chance to weight in on "waiting for superman." plus should more people be allowed to track the prescriptions your doctor gives you. we've got a doctor and a
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pharmacist with very different opinions, coming up tonight at 6:00. ñwñ[= it's the little things in life that make me smile.
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prince william will be off the market at the end of this month but instead of taking comfort in a gallon of ice cream, you can drown yourselves with a special royal wedding doughnut. dunkin' donuts is replacing their normal treats with a heart shaped frosted doughnut in honor of the happy couple and sister company is putting together a limited edition ice cream cake as well, topped with flowers designed to look like an english garden. >> the royal wedding for us has turned into really a significant event as it has i think for a lot of folks around the world. i'm actually old enough to
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remember when princess di got married and what a big deal that was. our ceo comes from england and so, you know, it's ab important -- an important part of history there, and as a global company, dunkin' donuts and baskin- robbins has the ability to celebrate a world event like that in many countries around the world. >> the celebratory confections at least the doughnuts available for 89 cents each for a week leading up to the big day on april 29th. you know, if you've got an annoying voice and always love the chicken dance at parties, then we have got the gig tore you, aflac is looking for a replacement for gilbert gottfried who was the voice of the insurance company's duck for the past decade. gottfried was ousted after making inappropriate jokes about the earthquake and tsunami in japan. the audition started yesterday in new york so throw in some feathers and fly up if you think you've got what it quakes. coming up tonight at 6:00,
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i'm going to bring you updates to breaking news we had last night at 11:00. first a chicken fire that killed hundreds of thousands of birds, the other plane crash in ridgley, on abc2 news at 6:00 which starts right now. "no" abc2 news -- now abc2 news at 6:00. waiting for superman sounds like a graphic idea. it's not. it tackles the education system here in america. we are learning more tonight about a baltimore area teen who was killed in an accident in australia. the sophomore was having the time of her life when sadly her life was cut short. our roosevelt leftwich which has reaction from the girl's school tonight. and a new tool to help you learn to walk again. it's a treadmill with a twist that some say is out of this world. from out of this world to out of the hospital, new tonight, former governor and baltimore mayor william schaeffer schaefer going back home


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